If you play regularily or want to start playing regularily, becoming a member will guarantee you the best value. At the Los Pinos Club we have the best value tennis membership in Javea.

Why you should join? There are many cost advantages of becoming a member, for example:

  1. Dicounted tennis lessons;
  2. You do not have to pay anything for courts (Non members pay €20 per hour for courts);
  3. Discounts on tennis equipment (Stringing, grips, clothing, rackets etc.);
  4. Discounts on sports vitamins.

Normally in every other club in Spain, members would also be required to pay an hourly rate for courts as well, but at Los Pinos Javea Tennis Club, after joining you can play for FREE. Please come and check out our 6 clay courts. You will be amazed at the quality.


1 Person    Please ask in the club*

2 Persons / Couple or Family     Please ask in the club 

*if you are not a club member, but you play with a club member you pay 10 euros per hour

If you have any question about membership please feel free to contact us:

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